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Jesus, the Christ For All? A Judaic Perspective on Christology


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April 4, 2011:

On two previous occasions (Berlin, 1994, and Nashville, 2000), Prof. Jacobs addressed the question of Christology in relation to the Holocaust/Shoah, both of which have since been published. Though alluded to in both, neither presentation nor published versions addressed the one remaining question which remains at the heart of the Jewish-Christian dialogue, namely “Who is this Christ in relation to the Jews?” This lecture will examine the concept of Christology from a Judaic perspective in an attempt to answer the following questions:

·  Is Jesus the Christ, the one and only begotten son of God, only for those who accept him as such?
·  Or, is Jesus the Christ, the one and only begotten son of God, for all humanity—including those who do not accept him as such?
·  What then about those who neither accept him as such nor reject him outright nor stand in ignorance of him?
·  When then is the proper Christian response, first to the Jews and also to the Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and others?
·  How then do we proceed in dialogue knowing full well that Jews can no more acknowledge the divinity of this Christ any more than Christians can affirm the full humanity only of this Christ?

Featuring: Steven L. Jacobs, D.H.L.