Sundays at CTU: Take Me Out to the Ball Game— but Stay 6 Feet Away
21 May 2020

Take Me Out to the Ball Game—but Stay 6 Feet Away: Baseball and Theologies of Nation, Recovery and Resistance

The unprecedented suspension of professional sports in response to COVID-19 highlights the role of this dimension of popular culture in our daily lives. Tied to the identities of individuals, communities and even nations, our sports, and the rituals that surround them, are also the stuff of theology. At the same time, fans tend to like their sports the way they prefer their religion — free of politics. When it comes to baseball, the connections to USA national identity are as old as the professionalization of the sport. What might the stories, practices, and liturgies of baseball and béisbol reveal about theologies of nation, recovery, and resistance that continue to play out today on contested fields?

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