Sundays at CTU: Enfolded with Affection: Imagining “Us” in Creation Theology
18 Mar 2021

Sundays at CTU with Sr. Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ

We humans already find it difficult to expand the boundary of “us” to include people who differ by race, class, sexual orientation, political opinion, and myriad other markers. The problem intensifies when kinship with other species is called for as a remedy in this time of ecological devastation. Placing the whole earth in the framework of creation, this talk explores how God “enfolds with affection” even the least of creatures (Pope Francis, Laudato Si’ 77). On this basis prayer, preaching, and policy can green up. The psalmist’s prayer “may God bless us” widens to include all of us creatures from the Arctic to the Antarctic ends of the earth.    



Topics: Canon Law, CTU
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