Schreiter Institute Symposium on Trauma, Culture, and Spirituality
19 May 2023

Susan Abraham is the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean | Professor of Theology and Post-Colonial Cultures, Pacific School of Religion.

The Robert J Schreiter, CPPS, Institute for Precious Blood Spirituality at Catholic Theological Union invites contributions to a symposium focused on a praxis of reconciliation, rooted in Schreiter’s groundbreaking work, that examines reconciliation through the lenses of trauma, culture, and spirituality.

Our symposium, A Praxis of Reconciliation: Trauma, Culture, & Spirituality, explores opportunities and challenges for interculturally recognizing, narrating, and healing various manifestations of trauma in praxes of reconciliation and restorative justice. Schreiter’s work balanced scholarly rigor with practical effectiveness and spiritual guidance and this symposium will continue in that pathway.