08 May 2013

For weeks now I have found my reflection in prayer to be on the presence of our Lord in the Eucharist, not just his presence but my response to him. Do I believe as I say I do, as I profess I do every day at Mass? Can I receive Jesus and really be transformed? Am I willing to let go of all my desires, and run the good race? The Lord has been good and gentle with me as I have learned to take baby steps in saying YES! This Easter the Lord gave me a grace to understand the Resurrection in a new light; he has revealed to my heart that he has won! He has conquered sin by death, I know this is a “duh” kind of statement but he really revealed to me that even in my deepest fear and my human weakness he has won. He loves me just because and he wants to resurrect my heart and make me whole and complete! Only he can, and only in fulfilling his will can my heart heal and know his deep, unchanging Love for me. Then and only then will my cup run over! He is so good. I pray that the Lord will continue to pour out his graces on all the Church that collectively we may say YES and live in his light truth. Amen.