Connections: Science and Theology
20 Mar 2020

Roz Iasillo, EdD
Trinity High School
In this workshop, Dr. Iasillo will present her research on the connections between science and theology. Then, utilizing an actual lesson plan: “A Plan to Provide Energy in Light of a Catholic View of Stewardship,” she will discuss an innovative teaching strategy that brings together students from an elective 10th-12th grade Environmental Science course, that examines how humans are a powerful influence on the ecosystem, with students in a required 11th Grade course on Moral Issues, that examines current moral questions centering on issues dealing with human life, as well as more personal issues such as honesty, personal relationships, sin, and forgiveness.. Dr. Iasillo will concentrate on the skills students gain, enabling them to protect the Earth and the community of life sustained by Earth. See for resources used in this presentation.

Topics: CTU
Departments: Science For Seminaries