Change, Hope, and the Catholic Church
24 May 2023

As you listen with the ear of your heart to the wisdom of women, may you, too, be emboldened to preach the word with persistence at all times and in all ways.

—Barbara E. Reid, OP, from the foreword


Pope Francis has asked all Catholics around the world to engage in prayerful conversations around the movements of the Holy Spirit in the Church today resulting in a synodal document entitled “Enlarge the Space in your Tent.” Female leadership in the Church and the restoration of women to the diaconate has been a consistent theme globally.  Join us as we welcome Discerning Deacons back to Chicago and actively engage in the conversation around re-thinking women’s participation in the Church. Be a part of the change and let your voice be heard as we witness and lift up women in the Church. The future is bright!