Augustus Tolton Pastoral Ministry Program 23rd Annual Lecture
09 Mar 2023

“Rhetorical Agency and the Black Prophetic Tradition”

The Black prophetic tradition is best promulgated but not necessarily exclusive to the Black church. Black churches have long since been the locus of political meetings, organized rallies, protests, and boycotts, voter registration and census participation drives. These efforts are known as Black prophetic practices. The passionate prophetic sermons urge congregations to fearlessly march forward toward moral victories. In his presentation, CTU’s 1989 M.Div.
graduate, Maurice J. Nutt, C.Ss.R., D.Min. will explore how the rhetorical agency of the Black prophetic tradition commonly embodied in preached sermons, pronouncements, declarations, and resolutions—these prophetic practices and actions of Black people seeking justice corresponds with Catholic social teachings and has a necessary and appropriate place within Catholic homilies.



The purpose of the Tolton Lecture is to recognize and acknowledge Black Catholic theological/historical and cultural scholarship and to provide an arena for the sharing of this research and scholarship with the community at Catholic Theological Union as well as the broader Church. This lecture is sponsored by the Augustus Tolton Pastoral Ministry Program, which offers scholarships for graduate degrees and provides spiritual and ministerial formation for those lay Black Catholics preparing for leadership in the Archdiocese of Chicago.