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Shapiro Lecture

November 14, 2016:

Within this podcast, Adele Reinhartz, Ph.D. and Rev. Leo D. Lefebure, S.T.L., Ph.D. speak on the topic of Jesus as a Jew and what implications this has for interfaith relations and dialogue.  This lecture was held on November 14, 2016, as part of the annual Rabbi Hayim Perelmuter Conference, and was co-sponsored by the Department of Interfaith Affairs of the Anti-Defamation League, the Center for Religion, Culture and Community at DePaul University, and the Catholic Jewish-Studies Program of The Bernardin Center for Theology and Ministry at Catholic Theological Union.

May 9, 2014:
In recent years scholars have reconsidered the separation of Judaism and Christianity. This "parting of the ways" has been variously construed, and generally pushed forward further and further into late antiquity. This lecture discusses a number of late ancient texts that make women's embodied practice central for their thinking about religious identity formation. Recorded live at Catholic Theological Union on May 5, 2014 as part of the Shapiro Lecture Series.
February 20, 2012:

Dr. Peter Ochs, the Edgar M. Bronfman Professor of Modern Judaic Studies at the University of Virginia and a leading interpreter of Jewish thought, shares his insights on the need for trilateral dialogue in light of Pope Benedict’s controversial remarks on Islam during his address at the University of Regensburg.


February 24, 2011:

This lecture examines Hebraic and later Jewish understandings of the love commandment as first set down in Leviticus 19:18. It explores several questions. What is the meaning of the commandment in its biblical context? How was it interpreted in the later rabbinic tradition? And how do its interpretations and applications compare with those found in the New Testament? We will see that these questions yield complex answers and significant disagreements, but the disagreements within each tradition, Judaism and Christianity, are greater than the disagreements between them.

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