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November 29, 2018:

2018 Fall Shapiro lecture with Prof. Naomi Koltun-Fromm

December 3, 2014:

More than any other issue in modern Jewish-Christian relations, the state of Israel has provoked intense disagreements. These reflect not just political differences but often profoundly different theologies of the land of Israel and the biblical promises. Dr. Gregerman will explore, from a Jewish perspective, the tensions between contemporary Christians’ broadly positive reappraisals of Judaism and more controversial Christian views of the state of Israel and biblical texts on land and covenant.   Dr.

March 19, 2012:

Why do Jews and Christians imagine different concepts when the new theologies speak of opening up the Trinity to Israel's covenant? Rabbi Brill will explore the question of how the two religions think differently about theology. He will seek to steer the discussion beyond attempting to create sameness or difference and will outline the changes on both sides from perceiving differences between the faiths to perceiving commonality. But then ask: how much are these new theologies still operating on Christian terms?

November 7, 2011:

The intensely troubling story of Abraham's near-sacrifice of Isaac has been central in Jewish thought and biblical interpretation. Jewish thinkers in ancient, medieval and modern times have used this story to think about questions like the meaning and purpose of sacrifice, the nature of Divine mercy, and even to call into question God's justice. This lecture will show how midrashic and medieval interpretation made this story a Jewish one, deeply connected to Jewish ritual, practice, history and

November 16, 2010:

Amidst a struggle against extremists in various communities, religious diversity and the need for coexistence are among the central features of life in modern society. Can contemporary Jews develop a theology of other religions that is both faithful to the Jewish tradition and respectful towards the beliefs and practices of others? What resources exist that could inform such an approach?

April 4, 2011:

On two previous occasions (Berlin, 1994, and Nashville, 2000), Prof. Jacobs addressed the question of Christology in relation to the Holocaust/Shoah, both of which have since been published. Though alluded to in both, neither presentation nor published versions addressed the one remaining question which remains at the heart of the Jewish-Christian dialogue, namely “Who is this Christ in relation to the Jews?” This lecture will examine the concept of Christology from a Judaic perspective in an attempt to answer the following questions:

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