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March 7, 2016:

Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, OP, delivers a lecture at the Center for the Study of Consecrated Life (CSCL) symposium at Catholic Theological Union. Watch the Question and Answer period to this session here:

Learn more about the Center: We are grateful to Conrad N. Hilton Foundation for their generous support of our events in this Year of Consecrated Life!

March 5, 2012:

Amos Yong is J. Rodman Williams Professor of Theology at Regent University School of Divinity in Virginia Beach, Virginia. His graduate education includes degrees in theology, history, and religious studies from Western Evangelical Seminary and Portland State University, Portland, Oregon, and Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts, and an undergraduate degree from Bethany University of the Assemblies of God. He has authored or edited eighteen volumes through 2011.

March 7, 2012:

A Breath of the Power of God: Women’s Wisdom Informing Theology and Ministry is the title of the 2012 International Women’s Day Lecture at CTU. This lecture aims to raise awareness about women’s realities both globally and locally in society and in the church and to reflect theologically together on those realities and what is the response it calls forth from us.

October 3, 2011:

The Twelfth Annual Louis J. Luzbetak, S.V.D., Lecture on Mission and Culture

"'Without Faces': Women's Perspectives on Contextual Missiology."

July 11, 2011:

This brief essay is written in honor and memory of Samuel Ruiz (1924-2011), Bishop of the Diocese of San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico from 1960-2000. It examines Bishop Ruiz's theological reflections on the cultural with the local indigenous communities and the contribution of this dialogue to transforming the missionary approach of the diocese and beyond.


A New Paradigm of Mission Theology in Latin America

October 1, 2010:

Did you ever think that God might best be imagined not by a noun but as a verb? This is something that has struck me in the last several years, and I have been fascinated by the discovery. While all the qualities of personhood are in God, rather than thinking about God as just some kind of “person” “up there” or “out there,” I’ve begun to think about God as a Movement, an Embrace, a Flow—moving through the cosmos and history, embracing wounded and suffering creation, flowing through the smallest subatomic particle as well as the most complex organisms.


Presenting his lecture for the 10th annual Louis J. Luzbetak, S.V.D. lecture on mission and culture, Robert Schreiter, C.PP.S., Vatican II Professor of Theology at Catholic Theological Union focuses upon the peculiar intersection of Missiology. His attention here is directed toward intercultural interaction, inter-religious dialogue, and Missiology; both as an academic discipline and action of the church.

July 15, 2011:

For more than forty years, Catholic Theological Union (CTU) at Chicago has been educating and preparing men and women to serve God’s people throughout the world. Founded in 1968 in the spirit and vision of the Second Vatican Council, CTU has grown to be the largest Roman Catholic graduate school of theology and ministry in the United States.

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