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March 19, 2012:

Why do Jews and Christians imagine different concepts when the new theologies speak of opening up the Trinity to Israel's covenant? Rabbi Brill will explore the question of how the two religions think differently about theology. He will seek to steer the discussion beyond attempting to create sameness or difference and will outline the changes on both sides from perceiving differences between the faiths to perceiving commonality. But then ask: how much are these new theologies still operating on Christian terms?

February 20, 2012:

Dr. Peter Ochs, the Edgar M. Bronfman Professor of Modern Judaic Studies at the University of Virginia and a leading interpreter of Jewish thought, shares his insights on the need for trilateral dialogue in light of Pope Benedict’s controversial remarks on Islam during his address at the University of Regensburg.


March 11, 2010:

“IN GOOD FAITH: Jews, Christians, and Muslims Sharing Perspectives on Issues that Matter to Our Faith Communities and to Our World” is an initiative of the Bernardin Center at Catholic Theological Union in partnership with First Analysis Institute of Integrative Studies. 

August 28, 2011:

What does it mean to be Catholic? Is it about loyalty to the pope? To bishops? To particular doctrines like Mary’s Immaculate Conception or Transubstantiation? While these things certainly are a part of Catholic faith, what this lecture will suggest is that being Catholic rests ultimately on something much more foundational. This is the principle of “sacramentality,” the conviction that what we know and experience in our everyday lives gives us a glimpse of what God is really like.

August 1, 2011:

Believers or persons of faith should have little difficulty in seeing how their religious conviction affects and is affected by their daily life. Yet for many of us, our daily life is so busy and our world so noisy, that we have less time to reflect than we might like. Procrastination is our familiar companion. And good intentions - as the proverb reminds us - pave the road to hell! My personal reflection on the way faith and circumstances influence each other, is offered as a stimulus to your further reflection on your own faith odyssey.

March 16, 2011:

IN GOOD FAITH: Jews, Christians, Muslims sharing perspectives on issues that matter to our faith communities and to our world is an initiative of the Bernardin Center at Catholic Theological Union in partnership with First Analysis Institute of Integrative Studies.

April 1, 2010:

On Palm Sunday, the Sunday that begins Holy Week, and again on Good Friday, Catholic Christians read the passion narrative of Jesus - his arrest, trial, death, and burial. This year, as I pondered Luke's gospel, it struck me that we read all passion narratives only so far as Jesus' death and burial. Of course, it makes sense since Easter Sunday is still ahead of us, and we cannot go into celebratory mode too early. But, I thought it a bit odd to read only as far as the death and burial when we all know the end of the story.

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